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Censored 1997: The Year'S Top 25 Censored Stories

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The yearly volumes of Censored, in continuous publication since 1976 and since 1995 available through Seven Stories Press, is dedicated to the stories that ought to be top features on the nightly news, but that are missing because of media bias and self-censorship. The top stories are listed democratically in order of importance according to students, faculty, and a national panel of judges. Each of the top stories is presented at length, alongside updates from the investigative reporters who broke the stories.
Beyond the Top 25 stories, additional chapters delve further into timely media topics: The Censored News and Media Analysis section provides annual updates on Junk Food News and News Abuse, Censored Déjà Vu, signs of hope in the alternative and news media, and the state of media bias and alternative coverage around the world. In the Truth Emergency section, scholars and journalists take a critical look at the US/NATO military-industrial-media empire. And in the Project Censored International section, the meaning of media democracy worldwide is explored in close association with Project Censored affiliates in universities and at media organizations all over the world.
A perennial favorite of booksellers, teachers, and readers everywhere, Censored is one of the strongest life signs of our current collective desire to get the news we citizens need—despite what Big Media tells us. With the number of the world's independent media outlets now numbering only twenty or so, and with the virtual disappearance of television journalism, increasing numbers of important stories just don't get covered. This book is the latest effort from Project Censored, which has been culling these stories from publications such as the New Republic, the Texas Observer, and World Watch since 1976. (The 1996 edition of Censored is also available, also in paperback.) This year's board of judges includes Pulitzer prize-winner Susan Faludi and ex-FCC Commissioner Nicholas Johnson; their choices include: the return of worldwide food scarcity while food aid to poor countries is dropping by half, how U.S. troops were exposed to uranium in the Gulf War, and the perks for the wealthy hidden in the minimum wage Bill. Also included is Mark Crispin Miller's Nation essay "Free the Media" with its very illuminating chart of the connections between the various major media companies.

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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